Release Update v0.1

v0.1 is the first release of Safe.

Portal: Safe is designed as a private portal for people I invite to login and access restricted content as part of an experience that is unique to each individual person.

Login: The first ten people received a username, password, and link to login.

Password: People can reset password on the home page of the microsite.

Balance: People can view their balance on the dashboard.

Deals: People have a flow of new deals on the dashboard under their balance.


As I work towards building the life I desire, moments emerge where I can begin to integrate technology. Such a moment occured when the idea for Safe come through.

I created space for myself to start this process of building my life from within. As I move through the movements – continuously creating and experimenting and learning – a win-win solution that satisfies past and current needs along with setting the stage for a long-term, sustainable path forward is beginning to crystallize.

In this case, technology can enable my evolution. Learn more through the channels at

Login to view your balance and deal flow.

Reset your password.

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